WalkWise Installation and App Guide

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Setup Guide Video

A complete guide to installing WalkWise and configuring the app.

Changing Batteries

Make sure to place two AAA batteries in WalkWise before you install it.

Using a phillips-head screw driver, unscrew the battery covers on the front of your WalkWise device. Insert the AAA batteries as shown, with the positive battery terminals touching the flat battery contact in each compartment. Replace the battery covers and screws. Test that WalkWise is functioning properly by watching for the Node to blink after a walking event (as described below).

Device Installation

For additional help, call us at 1 (866) 624-0046

Using Zip-ties

Insert the zip-ties through the holes around WalkWise, aligning them with the location of the spokes on the walker wheel. Place WalkWise on the surface of the wheel and insert each zip-tie end into its own receptacle, making sure that the zip tie is wrapped around a wheel spoke. Complete these steps again so there are 2-3 zip-ties around wheel spokes. Once all are in place, tighten each of the zip-ties to secure. Cut off excess material with scissors or wire cutters and ensure that wheel rotation is not affected by the zip-tie placement. If it is, you may need to use the twist-tie attachment method.

Using Twist-Ties

Place three twist-ties at various locations through the holes on your WalkWise device, so that both ends extend out the back. Do your best to align the ties with the location of spokes on your wheel. Place WalkWise on the walker wheel and turn your attention to the back of the wheel. If necessary, pull the tie ends around to the back, and make sure each one wraps around a wheel spoke. You may need to adjust the location of the ties at this point.

Twist each tie together with itself around the spoke, like using a twist-tie on a bag of bread. Pull the ties tightly while twisting. Fold the remaining wire into the wheel to ensure free rotation.

Using Dual-Lock

If you are attaching WalkWise to a solid wheel, use the supplied Dual-Lock strips. First, remove the film covering the adhesive on three strips, and adhere them to the back of the device, as shown below. Then, press the remaining three strips into the strips you just placed. Remove the film on each, and place on the wheel, pressing firmly to adhere. The device is now firmly in place, but can be removed with sufficient force to un-snap the dual-lock material.

App Setup

If you want to receive alerts and view activity data, you will need to visit
OR download the app on a phone or tablet.

1. Download the App

Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download the WalkWise App.

2. Register for an account

Each individual should have their own account. Multiple accounts can have access to the same WalkWise device, so you should use your own email and a unique password to register. For example, four separate accounts should be set up for the walker user, a child, a caregiver, and a physical therapist. This way, the child can set up safety and health alerts that would NOT be received by a healthcare provider.

3. Add the WalkWise device to your account

The Device ID is located on the WalkWise walker attachment, and the password is located on the instruction sheet included in the box.

4. Follow the Device Setup Instructions

When you successfully add the device, the app will take you through the setup instructions. If you are setting up the device for the first time, you will need to change the Username (the person using the walker), the Wheel Diameter (the size of the walker wheel, in millimeters), and the Time Zone (where the walker user is located). You can also set up a daily walking goal. This workflow will only need to be done by one account, as the information about this WalkWise device will be shared with others who have access to it.

5. Follow the Alert Setup Guide

When you have finished setting up the device, you have the option to set up customized alerts to be sent to your devices and email account. You can edit these later on the “Settings” page (shown above).

6. Add a phone number to your account (Optional)

If you want to receive phone call or text message alerts, make sure to go to the Account Settings and add your phone number. If you would like to add a land-line phone, please contact us and we can add it to your account.

Node Setup

Connect the Node to a WiFi network in order to receive data from the WalkWise device.

1. Plug in the power cable to the Node.

2. The yellow light on the bottom of the Node should illuminate for a short period just after plugging it in.

3. The Node takes between 30 and 60 seconds to initialize.

4. After initializing, the yellow light will blink quickly as it attempts to connect to a known WiFi network.


6. During setup, the connection will fail and the light will become solid yellow.

7. Make sure bluetooth is enabled on your phone or tablet.

8. On the “Settings” page of the app or on the “Login” page, click “Connect a Node”.


9. The app will automatically connect to the Node once you press “Scan for Nodes”

10. Follow the instructions on the app to input your network name and network password. This is the password you would use if you were connecting a new computer to your internet. If you are typing in the network name, make sure it is typed exactly, such as with spaces and dashes included.

11. If you see the “Success” message, you are done! Move the walker a bit, stop walking, and then make sure the Node blinks yellow after about 10 seconds.

12. If you see the “Failed” message, try again. Sometimes the Node or wireless network encounters an error and the password needs to be sent again.

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