Real WalkWise Stories

Read about walker users, families, and caregivers that have benefitted from being a part of the WalkWise Family.


Fell with her walker; family was alerted via WalkWise and called senior living community to provide assistance.

Charlotte has fallen in the past, but does not want to move into assisted living.

Charlotte lives in the independent living wing of a senior living community. She has had falls in the past, and fears being required to move into assisted living. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she suffered a fall while in her kitchen. Her dinner had already been dropped off, so she wouldn’t have been found by the staff until lunch the next day.

Her daughter received a “tip over” alert from WalkWise, and she immediately called her mother. Thankfully, Charlotte was able to reach the phone while on the floor. Charlotte’s daughter was able to confirm that there were no serious injuries, but Charlotte had also not called for help. She knew her mother was worried that “one more fall” would force her to move to assisted living. Charlotte’s daughter called the senior living community and got her mother the help she needed to get off the floor.

Ron's family was concerned about his daily habits, and his lack of walker use.

According to his family, Ron had a habit of sitting around all day watching TV. What’s more, they were concerned that he didn’t use his walker when he went to the bathroom. After installing WalkWise, their suspicions were confirmed.

Ron just needed a little push and encouragement. After using WalkWise for three weeks, he was consistently using his walker throughout the entire day. In fact, he doubled the number of times during the day the walker was used! His family had the peace of mind they needed.


In three weeks, he doubled the number of times he used his walker during the day.


Family was informed by WalkWise about unusual nighttime walking. Caregiver was able to diagnose urinary tract infection.

Ruth lives independently and only receives a few hours of caregiving a week.

She has a history of developing infections, but with only a few hours of time with her caregiver every week, a lot can slip through the cracks. Despite getting up more and more at night to use the bathroom, she has trouble “keeping count” and does not bring up the topic of bathroom use while speaking with her daughter, who lives out of state.

Ruth’s grandson received a WalkWise notification that Ruth had gotten out of bed about 7 times the night previously. When he looked the app, he saw night-walking increasing steadily over the past 2-3 days. He told his mother, who called Ruth’s caregiver and asked that a screening be performed.

Ruth was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI), and medication was able to be administered before the infection resulted in a hospitalization.

The staff had no insight into her sleep. How could they?

After installing WalkWise, it only took one night to discover something troubling with Cindy’s night-time habits. She would walk around at least every hour, often for many minutes at a time. It was clear she was not simply using the bathroom and getting a drink.

The Director of Nursing immediately said “We need to tell her primary care physician”. They discussed Cindy’s care plan with her doctor and her family with a better understanding of habits and potential risk factors. 


The assisted living staff had no idea that Cindy was up all night. They informed her doctor and discussed care plans with her family.​

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