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“After installing the WalkWise system on my mother’s walker, it has become a routine conversation starter…..”I see you walked almost a mile today!” or “how is your day going?” after seeing a limited amount of walking. The app allows multiple family members track her activity, which provides peace of mind when we can’t be there personally on a daily basis. I would not want to be without WalkWise going forward.”
WalkWise User
WalkWise User
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“Before I had my WalkWise, I found it oh-so-easy to take a day off from walking and spend it with my nose in a book, but now that I have it, walking is fun. I play a little game with myself to see how close I can get to my goal each day. I’ve made it a few times, and felt good about myself and have slept well.”
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"The fact that this app can actually track how many steps I take a day is helpful. My ability to walk is seriously compromised but at least I have the assurance I am doing what is necessary.I do have a Phillips Lifeline but that does not alert my son if the walker tips, if I have not walked as much as possible and especially if I have not walked at all which could indicate a serious issue that I might have been unable to notify Phillips about. It has given me great peace of mind and I would highly recommend WALKWISE for anyone who uses a walker.”
Grandson of WalkWise user
Grandson of WalkWise user
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"I am so impressed with WalkWise Smart Walker Attachment as it is truly a product that brings enhanced peace of mind for my elderly grandparent. She lives alone in her house and is very independent. Over the last couple of years her balance has become less than desirable as she's aged and we encouraged her to start using a walker when she's alone in her house to safeguard against falling. With WalkWise, we can now rest at ease and go home at a decent time because we are able to monitor her movements and check to make sure her daily routines are in order. WalkWise's Smart Walker attachment is a fabulous product that has given our elderly family member a chance to keep living an active & independent lifestyle!"
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"I purchased the Walkwise system for my 90 year old mother who lives alone on a farm much of the year. It works great! No problems. It gives me much peace of mind to know when she's active... or not. I have mine set to send me email alerts if her walker is tipped over or inactive for long periods of time during the day. I love it!"

Smart Walker Attachment

WalkWise Membership includes 

  • Smart walker attachment 
  • WalkWise Mobile App 
  • Health and safety alerts
  • Free replacement of any lost or broken hardware
  • 24/7 real time activity data 
  • Unlimited app users
  • Unlimited customer support 

$14.99/mo upon activation 

Initiation Fee


Due Today                                                                                   $39.00


Due Monthly                                                                              $14.99


  • Smart Walker Attachment 
  • WalkWise Node
  • Attachment Accessories 
  • 2 AAA Batteries 
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Unlimited Access to the WalkWise App
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Safety Alerts 
  • Family Engagement (free WalkWise App) 
  • Health Monitoring. 
  • Attach to the walker you already own.
  • 6-12 month battery life (no charging) 

Walking goal: Be alerted when they reach their fitness goal.

Tip over alert: Know if their walker tips over, and check in on them.

Inactivity Alert: Know if the walker hasn’t moved for for a number of hours during the day.

Wakeup alert: Receive an alert if they don’t get out of bed by a set hour. 

Low activity alert: Low activity can be a sign of many health issues.

Night walking alert: Excessive night time bathroom visits can be a sign of UTIs or other health issues. 

**Free Shipping - Money back Guarantee**

Rest Assured with WalkWise

90-day, risk-free trial

We give you three months to try our product. Don't love it? We'll give you a full refund.

Free Shipping

Enjoy our award-winning products with free shipping.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Try it for 90 days with our Peace of Mind Guarantee and 1 year warranty.

Have they made it to breakfast?
Have they napped all afternoon?
Have they been getting up at night?

These are the answers you want to help manage your loved one’s care and understand their day-to-day activities. 

WalkWise can help.

Though we can’t help alleviate the pain of dealing with aging or dementia, we can help families engage with their loved ones like never before. Once it’s on their walker, they don’t need to do a single thing. You can check the app to see their minute-to-minute activity, observe long-term trends, and configure safety alerts (such as if the walker tips over or doesn’t move for a long period of time). 

Safety alerts and notifications cost $14.99/mo. Upon activation, you will be automatically charged. 

Membership FAQ

WalkWise is a monthly service because we are constantly processing and analyzing data in order to keep people safe, healthy, and independent. With a single membership, and a unlimited number of accounts (users) can get access to the activity data and configure customized notifications and alerts. Our servers are running constantly and must be highly reliable.

WalkWise understands that in order to keep walker users safe, our hardware and software must maintain a high level of accuracy and consistency. Our fast support keeps walker use data flowing without a hitch.

Some products that are also membership based, like Philips lifeline ($99 installation fee & $49.95/month) are far more costly and don’t track the activity of a walker user.

We strive to keep our costs lows so that walker users everywhere are able to benefit from our service.

  • Unlimited 24/7 safety and health alerts

  • 24/7 Real-time activity information

  • Lost or broken hardware replacement 

  • Access to the family and caregiver mobile app

  • Unlimited users 

  • Unlimited customer support

Our membership costs $20.00 per month with a $39.99 initiation fee.

Once the purchase is made, you will be billed for the $39.99 initiation fee. Your monthly membership will begin one month after you receive the smart walker attachment.

No, you only need one membership per walker user. The WalkWise membership includes app access for an unlimited number of family members, friends, caregivers, and healthcare providers. They can customize the app to receive the safety and health alerts they find most relevant.

If you cancel your membership, our servers will stop processing and analyzing data coming from the smart walker attachment. It will stop working 5 days after the end of your current membership cycle. We will provide you with a free return shipping label to send the devices back to us (if they are available).

Your membership initiation fee is protected by a 90-day money back guarantee with no cancellation fee. If you decide to cancel WalkWise for any reason, please contact us and we will suspend your membership and send you return shipping supplies.

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