Help your team better protect residents from risk of falling.

Experience the simplest and most effective resident monitoring tool for senior care facilities.

Our technology is shown to reduce
fall rates by up to 40%.

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The Device

Simply attach to the mobility aid in just a few minutes. No need to charge it, wear it, or worry about it getting used.

The Platform

See everyone at a glance with the dashboard, or configure notifications for potential safety or health concerns. With the mobile app, check in on the go and share activity data with residents.

No Charging

WalkWise lasts about a year on two AAA batteries, so that no one has to remember to charge it.

No wearable

Wearable RPM solutions struggle with
compliance and are often not worn at
night, in the shower, or other high-risk

No smartphone

Not everyone has internet or a
smartphone. Our Node takes care of
everything using the cellular networks.

Trusted care providers use WalkWise

Below are a few of the organizations using WalkWise to make a difference in their care delivery.

WalkWise is the easiest way to implement remote monitoring and drive positive
health outcomes: fewer falls, better health screening, and reduced readmissions.

Our tech cuts fall rates by promoting mobility aid use compliance and
empowering staff to better understand activity patterns.

Our One-Month Onboarding Timeline