Reduce high-cost episodes
with simple technology.

A simple, effective remote patient monitoring solution for seniors.

Built for a high-risk population: walker users.

People who use a walker tend to be on the cusp of losing their independence and needing a higher-cost care setting, and they represent about 10% of all Medicare-eligible seniors. WalkWise keeps them out of the hospital and safe in their homes.

Smart Walker Attachment: simple, discreet, effective.

Compliance is a non-issue by eliminating the need for daily action, a smartphone, or a wearable. No other technology addresses walker use compliance as a method for preventing falls, despite scientific evidence of the link. Smart watches simply do not work for walker users, as their wrists do not move while ambulating. And unlike other “smart home” technologies, WalkWise does not require professional installation.

Relevant and actionable data.

WalkWise is the only way to record the activity of walker users, both inside and outside the home. Observe long-term trends in mobility or short-term changes that might indicate a change to health status. Hour-by-hour data assists with understanding daily routines and identifying safety issues, such as the lack of walker use at night.

The right care at the right time.

Get notified when a patient’s health status may have changed, allowing your team to screen for illness, infection, or acute events before they worsen.

Improve Family Satisfaction.

The WalkWise dashboard and mobile app shows a quick snapshot of daily activity or long-term trends, providing a pathway to start meaningful conversations. Families can gain peace of mind by setting notifications for potential emergencies. Family satisfaction can play a key roll in health plan retention.

“After installing the WalkWise system on my mother’s walker, it has become a routine conversation starter…..”I see you walked almost a mile today!” or “how is your day going?” after seeing a limited amount of walking. The app allows multiple family members track her activity, which provides peace of mind when we can’t be there personally on a daily basis. I would not want to be without WalkWise going forward.”
– Jim (Son of WalkWise user)

Case Study: Preventing Hospitalization.

In late 2020, a physician monitoring WalkWise noticed a patient with three consecutive days of very low walker activity (at least 80% lower than normal). He dispatched a nurse practitioner to the patient’s home, and the patient was immediately diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After prescribing the appropriate medication, the physician was able to monitor recovery via the WalkWise application, all without a hospital or clinic visit.

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Case Study: Northland PACE.

Northland PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) receives capitated payments to care for high-risk seniors in the community. WalkWise allows their providers to continuously screen for signs of illness or infection, reducing cost and short-term skilled nursing utilization. They can promptly deploy paramedics to homes after a fall has occurred, rather than waiting 72 hours for the next scheduled touchpoint. During physical therapy, WalkWise data is used to encourage activity at home, leading to dramatic functional improvements. WalkWise has become an essential tool for keeping PACE participants safe and healthy at home, especially during the pandemic. 

Estimated Impact.

Remote patient monitoring solutions for high-risk seniors have been shown to save upwards of $600 per member per month, predominately by notifying providers to worrisome changes in behavior. By comparing product features and preliminary cost-savings data, WalkWise expects to deliver savings of $100-$200 PMPM at a fraction of the cost of other RPM solutions. WalkWise is currently collecting data to further solidify these figures.

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