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Simple and impactful technology.

Our smart mobility aid attachment helps PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) know what’s going on at home, allowing you to keep participants safe, healthy, and active.


Fall Prevention

Promote walker use compliance, better understand daily activity patterns, and screen for high-risk behavior.

Health Screening

Excessive activity can be the sign of infection or cognitive decline, while lack of activity can point to injury or illness.

Safety Monitoring

Get notified if the mobility aid tips over, does not move for a period of time, or does not move in the morning.

smart mobility aid attachment

The Device







The Smart Mobility Aid Attachment

PACE programs use WalkWise to encourage mobilityaid use compliance at home, preventing falls and promoting health. Smart watches simply do not work for walker users, as their wrists do not move while ambulating. And unlike other “smart home” technologies, WalkWise does not require professional installation.

Designed for PACE

Participants rarely have 24/7 “eyes-on”, despite being at high risk of falling or sharp declines in health status. WalkWise gives your program real-time insight, allowing your staff to prioritize care and catch issues early.

How it works:

Attach to the device

The WalkWise smart mobility aid attachment zip-ties onto the device. Just make sure to measure the wheel diameter!

Plug in the Node

It communicates wirelessly with the device and send data up to the system. Neither internet nor pairing is required.

Use the apps

Set notifications, view the dashboard, and manage the system at app.walkwise.com. WalkWise for Organizations is available for mobile devices.

Respond to notifications

Our notifications and easy-to-understand data facilitates and prioritizes the important work of your team.

Configurable Notifications

PACE teams love WalkWise

Simple for participants.

WalkWise is easiest remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution for many seniors to use, and it can be set up by anyone at your program.

WalkWise lasts over a year on two AAA batteries, so that no one has to remember to charge it.

Wearable RPM solutions struggle with compliance and are often not worn at night, in the shower, or other high-risk situations.

Not everyone has internet or a smartphone. Our Node takes care of everything using the cellular networks.

Interfaces for the whole IDT


See your participants in one place, make sure they are up in the morning and moving, and screen for unexpected behavior the previous night.

Mobile App

Check in on the go, or show participants their own data during therapy sessions to encourage activity outside the center.

Participant data at a glance

Get a comprehensive view of their daily activity, track their Night Owl Score, and configure notifications.

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PACE Southeast Michigan
Northland PACE

What sets WalkWise apart?

Existing PACE Customer?

If your organization needs any help setting up your web app and account settings, feel free to visit our support page or email us at support@walkwise.com

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