Keeping seniors safe and healthy.

Unique remote patient monitoring for walker users.

Fall Prevention

Promote walker use compliance, better understand daily activity patterns, and screen for high-risk behavior.

Health Screening

Excessive activity can be the sign of infection or cognitive decline, while lack of activity can point to injury or illness.

Safety Monitoring

Get notified if the walker tips over, does not move for a period of time, or does not move in the morning.

The Smart Walker Attachment

Healthcare organizations large and small use WalkWise to encourage walker use compliance, preventing falls and promoting health. Smart watches simply do not work for walker users, as their wrists do not move while ambulating. And unlike other “smart home” technologies, WalkWise does not require professional installation.

Built for a high-risk population: walker users.

People who use a walker tend to be on the cusp of losing their independence and requiring a higher-cost care setting, and they represent about 10% of all Medicare-eligible seniors. WalkWise keeps them out of the hospital and safe in their homes.

How it works:

Attach to the wheel

The WalkWise smart walker attachment zip-ties onto the wheel of the walker. Just make sure to measure the wheel diameter!

Plug in the Node

It communicates with the walker attachment and send data and notifications to the system. Neither internet nor setup is required.

WalkWise Communication Node

Use the apps

Set notifications, view the dashboard, and manage the system at WalkWise for Organizations is available for mobile devices.

Respond to notifications

Our notifications and easy-to-understand data facilitates and prioritizes the important work of your team.

Care providers love WalkWise.

Our team’s use of WalkWise spans the continuum of care needs. We’re able to be preventative by keeping track of activity levels and encouraging increased activity when appropriate, but we can also detect changes in the data from day to day that helps us prevent emergency room visits and hospitalizations.
PACE Executive Director
WalkWise has improved the safety for residents, it has allowed for early detection of resident changes, and it has created a more objective method to monitor our residents’ functional capabilities.
Skilled Nursing Physical Therapist
"I love the WalkWise unit as it gives me insight into what the participant is ACTUALLY doing in their home versus what they report."
PACE Physical Therapist

Technology built for seniors.

WalkWise is easiest remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution for many seniors to use, and it can be set up by anyone.

No charging

WalkWise lasts over a year on two AAA batteries, so that no one has to remember to charge it.

No wearable

Wearable RPM solutions struggle with compliance and are often not worn at night, in the shower, or other high-risk situations.

No smartphone

Not everyone has internet or a smartphone. Our Node takes care of everything using the cellular networks.

Web App & Mobile Apps

See everyone at a glace with the dashboard, or configure notifications for potential safety or health concerns. With the mobile app, check in on the go and share activity data with patients.

PACE Programs

Keep “eyes-on” participants at home and better understand risk factors. IDTs use the data to evaluate care needs.

Skilled Nursing

Generate therapy referrals, improve safety, and continuously monitor functional capabilities.

Value-based Care

Use WalkWise across the continuum of care, preventing high-cost episodes and enabling better timing for care interventions.

Partners and Awards.

Selected Case Studies

Northland PACE

Northland PACE (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) receives capitated payments to care for high-risk seniors in the community. WalkWise allows their providers to continuously screen for signs of illness or infection, reducing costs and short-term skilled nursing utilization. They can promptly deploy paramedics to homes after a fall has occurred, rather than waiting up to 72 hours for the next scheduled touchpoint. During physical therapy, WalkWise data is used to encourage activity at home, leading to dramatic functional improvements. WalkWise has become an essential tool for keeping PACE participants safe and healthy at home, especially during the pandemic. 

Preventing Hospitalization

A physician monitoring WalkWise noticed a patient with three consecutive days of very low walker activity (more than 80% below baseline). He dispatched a nurse practitioner to the patient’s home, and the patient was immediately diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After prescribing the appropriate medication, the physician was able to monitor recovery via the WalkWise web app, all without a hospital or clinic visit.

Essentia Health

Essentia Health, a value-based hospital system, uses WalkWise to improve quality in their skilled nursing facilities. In one facility, at least two falls were detected via tip-over notifications in the first months of use. Because the therapy team was able to keep tabs on all residents, at least five residents were referred for physical therapy based on declines in overall activity. One nurse used the 24/7 data to better understand bathroom use habits, resulting in the removal of bed and chair alarms.

PACE Southeast Michigan

By using WalkWise data and notifications to better time outreach, PACE Southeast Michigan demonstrated a 43% reduction in falls over six months among a pilot population of 15 participant. In one instance, a participant would have been on the floor overnight after a fall had WalkWise not sent a notification to the program, allowing for paramedics to arrive within 30 minutes.

Customized Notifications

No matter how your organization works, we keep you in the loop.

Text Message


Phone Call


Simple. Discreet. Effective.

The smart walker attachment stays out of sight, has no lights, and makes no noise.

Unlock the power of family.

After installing the WalkWise system on my mother’s walker, it has become a routine conversation starter…..”I see you walked almost a mile today!” or “how is your day going?” after seeing a limited amount of walking. The app allows multiple family members to monitor her activity, which provides peace of mind when we can’t be there personally on a daily basis. I would not want to be without WalkWise going forward.

Jim (son of WalkWise user)

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