Peace of mind -

Better care for your loved ones with the power of real-time data.

We help make caregiving a bit easier.

You want to make sure your loved ones are staying safe and healthy, but you can’t be there all the time. WalkWise empowers caregivers with real-time data at their fingertips, helping to track activity, understand risk factors, and ensure they are using their mobility aids.

The Device

Simply attach to the walker wheel in just a few minutes. No need to charge it, wear it, or worry about it getting used.

The App

See their movement in real-time, understand activity trends, and configure notifications for out-of-the-ordinary events.

Simple Setup

Don’t worry about internet, we’ve got it covered.

The Outcomes


reduction in falls


reduction in falls


had fewer falls

…but it’s not just falls.
Caregivers are using WalkWise are quicker to detect UTIs, sundowning, pain, illness, and injury.

What Notifications can I get?

Get notifications via mobile app, text message, phone call, or email.

Families love using WalkWise

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“After installing the WalkWise system on my mother’s walker, it has become a routine conversation starter…..”I see you walked almost a mile today!” or “how is your day going?” after seeing a limited amount of walking. The app allows multiple family members track her activity, which provides peace of mind when we can’t be there personally on a daily basis. I would not want to be without WalkWise going forward.”
WalkWise User
WalkWise User
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“Before I had my WalkWise, I found it oh-so-easy to take a day off from walking and spend it with my nose in a book, but now that I have it, walking is fun. I play a little game with myself to see how close I can get to my goal each day. I’ve made it a few times, and felt good about myself and have slept well.”
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"The fact that this app can actually track how many steps I take a day is helpful. My ability to walk is seriously compromised but at least I have the assurance I am doing what is necessary.I do have a Phillips Lifeline but that does not alert my son if the walker tips, if I have not walked as much as possible and especially if I have not walked at all which could indicate a serious issue that I might have been unable to notify Phillips about. It has given me great peace of mind and I would highly recommend WALKWISE for anyone who uses a walker.”
Grandson of WalkWise user
Grandson of WalkWise user
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"I am so impressed with WalkWise Smart Walker Attachment as it is truly a product that brings enhanced peace of mind for my elderly grandparent. She lives alone in her house and is very independent. Over the last couple of years her balance has become less than desirable as she's aged and we encouraged her to start using a walker when she's alone in her house to safeguard against falling. With WalkWise, we can now rest at ease and go home at a decent time because we are able to monitor her movements and check to make sure her daily routines are in order. WalkWise's Smart Walker attachment is a fabulous product that has given our elderly family member a chance to keep living an active & independent lifestyle!"
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"I purchased the Walkwise system for my 90 year old mother who lives alone on a farm much of the year. It works great! No problems. It gives me much peace of mind to know when she's active... or not. I have mine set to send me email alerts if her walker is tipped over or inactive for long periods of time during the day. I love it!"

Technology built for seniors

WalkWise is easiest remote monitoring device for many seniors to use, and it can be set up by anyone.

No charging

WalkWise lasts about a year on two AAA batteries, so that no one has to remember to charge it.

No wearable

Wearable devices struggle with compliance and are often not worn at night, in the shower, or other high-risk situations.

No smartphone

Not everyone has internet or a smartphone. Our Node takes care of everything using the cellular networks.

How do I get it?

1. Sign up for WalkWise with the link below

2. We ship the Device Kit to the address you selected during sign up

3. We email you the instructions to set up your WalkWise account

4. When you receive the Device Kit, attach the device to the mobility aid using these instructions

5. Plug in the Communication Node in a centralized location in the user’s home

6. Sign into the app with your account, view the device data, and configure notifications



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