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Reassign or Remove Device

To reassign a device to a new person or return it to the Unassigned section, go to the Device Settings block and click Reassign Device. This will take you through the workflow of deleting the data, tags, any device permissions, and renaming the device. First, it is recommended to Clear Existing Data from the device. Keep in mind that all data associated with the Person will stay associated with the Person even if data is cleared from the device. If you do not wish to delete the device data, select Skip. Step two is Delete Permissions, which is only applicable if someone has been given permission to view this individual device (not group-level permissions).If you choose not to delete any existing permissions, choose Skip. The third step is to remove all Device Tags since existing tags will likely no longer apply. There is an option to Skip this step. The fourth step is assigning the device to a person. If you wish to assign this device to an existing person in the group, click on the drop-down menu and select the person. If you do not assign the device to a person the device will go back into your group under the Unassigned section. Click Next.The fifth step is updating the device name. Type in the name you choose to identify the device. If you wish to reset the device to New Walkwise, click Reset to Default. Click Next. Finally, you will need to update the wheel diameter if you are reassigning this device to another user. Type in the accurate diameter and click Finish to complete the reassignment.