Family and User Mobile App Setup

Families, caregivers, and WalkWise users can download the WalkWise app on their smart devices to view activity data and receive notifications.

Download the App #

Download the iOS App or Android App on a phone or tablet.

Register for an account #

Each individual should have their own account. Multiple accounts can have access to the same WalkWise device, so you should use your own email and a unique password to register. For example, three separate accounts should be set up for the walker user, a child, a and caregiver. This way, the child can set up safety and health notifications that would NOT be received by the walker user themselves.


Add the WalkWise device to your account #

Now that you have an account, you may need to request to be given access to the WalkWise device from the organization managing your WalkWise device (such as a healthcare provider). If you were given a card with a device password, use that code to access the device in the app.