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Device Overview

The Device Overview page is accessed by clicking on a device from the sidebar under a person. This page contains sections showing the current walking data, analytics, device tags, data charts and lists, notification rules, and device settings.

Today’s Current Distance #

The distance moved today (since midnight) is shown as a circle, with the circle becoming full when the daily distance goal has been met. Configure the daily distance goal in the Device Settings area.

If the device is not within range of a Node, this daily total may not be up to date.

Device Status #

Last Walk indicates when the last time the walker moved and when the device was last updated (communicated with the Node). The background will be grey if there is no recent communication with a Node.

Night Owl Score & Night Distance #

This section displays the Night Owl Score from the previous night, as well as the distance moved the previous night (9pm to 6am).

Device & User Tags #

Apply tags to a device that indicate how this mobility aid is used and other information specific to the individual using the mobility aid. For instance, selecting the “Lives Alone” tag may help indicate that an Inactivity Notification may need to be configured for this device.

Data Chart & List #

The chart is a visual representation of data over time that can be customized by time frame and metric. In the device view, it will show the data only from that individual device. On the calendar to the left, select the date you would like the data to end on. Choose the time frame on the drop-down menu: 1 day (hour by hour), 14 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The next dropdown menu contains the metrics available for viewing (Distance, Duration, Night Distance, or Night Owl Score).

To see individual movements and device checkins, select a device. On the chart, choose 1 day and move the toggle to List. The raw data can be downloaded in CSV format using the Download symbol in the top right corner of the chart.

A spreadsheet can be generated to show when the device is active on an hourly basis. To download an hourly report, click on the report symbol in the top right corner of the chart. Choose to see the data by distance (feet/meters) or by duration (seconds). Choose a date range for the report and click generate. This will download an Hourly Totals Report.

Devices Settings #

The Device Settings area allows for adjustment of the Device Name (description of the mobility aid), the Wheel Diameter that the device is attached to, the daily Distance Goal, the Time Zone of the device, and whether notifications should be sent for this device. Click the Edit Device button to change any of these settings, making sure to click Update to save.

To transfer data, settings, permissions, notification rules, and tags from one device to another, click Edit Device and Transfer Settings & Data. Enter in the new Device ID and choose the information to transfer by checking the corresponding boxes. To complete, click Confirm Transfer. This is typically used when replacing a lost or broken device with a new device. Data, permissions, settings, and tags transferred to the new device will be removed from the current device

When using the device with a wheelchair, you can change the platform from WalkWise to WheelWise.  Click Edit Device and check the Set as WheelWise box. This will change the header and wheel icon to blue.

Click Edit Access to configure and view WalkWise accounts with individual device access. If the account is an Admin of this device group and one or more other groups, the Change Device Group button can be used. To change a device from one group to another, click Edit Access and Change Device Group. Using the drop-down menu, choose another group to add the device to. If you do not have additional groups for your account but would like those set up, please contact WalkWise.

Click Remove From Group to remove this device from the current group. Choose this action to remove a device only if it is broken or lost. This will not remove individual device access.