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Configure Devices and Persons

Table of Contents

Adding a Person #

In the WalkWise system, a “Person” refers to the patient, resident, participant, or loved one who uses the mobility aid(s). A person can have one or more WalkWise devices assigned to them, and the data from these devices can be combined in certain views and for certain notifications. Click the Add Person button in a group when adding a new person to the system. Add the person’s name, time zone and any relevant information (e.g. Room 304). Click Add New Person to save. After the person is added, click Assign Device and choose from the list of WalkWise devices in the group.

Device Setup #

Each WalkWise device has a unique Device ID located on the back of the device and in the center. Select the device from the menu, and under Device Setting, choose Edit Device. Update the Device Settings by adding a device name (typically a description of the device ie: walker, wheelchair, rollator, etc), the wheel diameter (unless a Cane version), distance goal (optional), and time zone of the device. Click Update to save the information. The WalkWise device is now ready to be assigned to a person. If a wheelchair is being used, check the box Set as WheelWise under Edit Device. This will indicate the device is being used for a wheelchair.