Configure Device in the System

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Each WalkWise device has a unique Device ID that is shown on the back of the device and in the center. Select the device from the menu and under Device Setting, choose Edit Device. Edit the Device Settings by adding a username (typically the name of the person using the walker), the wheel diameter, distance goal (optional), and time zone of the device. Click Update to save the information. The WalkWise device is now ready for use.

Set as WheelWise #

The WalkWise and WheelWise devices can be used interchangeably. The default is WalkWise. To set a device as WheelWise, select the individual device from the menu. Click on Edit Device and check the box next to Set as WheelWise. The logo next to the device name will appear blue, making it easily distinguishable from the standard purple WalkWise logo. Each WheelWise device can be set back to WalkWise simply by unchecking the Set as WheelWise box.