Attaching the Device

The WalkWise and WheelWise smart mobility aid attachments zip-tie or twist tie to the wheel of the mobility aid. In some cases, it may be necessary to use adhesive dual-lock strips. These supplies are provided by WalkWise in each device kit. The device may be attached to any wheel, but typically the front wheel (furthest from the user) is used on a rollator walker with three or four wheels. Each mobility aid only needs one mobility aid attachment.

Note: all further instructions refer to the device (mobility aid attachment) as “WalkWise”, but the same principles apply to WheelWise and other mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and scooters.

Determing attachment method #

If the wheel has spokes, use the zip ties or twist ties. If it is solid, use the dual lock strips. If the wheel has a fork or yolk around it and the WalkWise device cannot be placed on any wheel, please contact our office and we can send a WalkWise Mini, which will accommodate that type of walker.

Measuring the wheel diameter #

After determining the wheel that the device will be attached to, measure the wheel diameter in millimeters using the enclosed ruler. This information will be entered into the Device Settings.

This wheel’s diameter is 125 millimeters.

Attaching with zip-ties #

Insert zip-ties through the holes around WalkWise, aligning them with the location of the spokes on the walker wheel. Place WalkWise on the surface of the wheel and insert each zip-tie end into its own receptacle, making sure that the zip tie is wrapped around the wheel spoke. Complete these steps until there are 2-3 zip-ties around the wheel spokes. Tighten each zip-tie to secure and cut off excess material to ensure the wheel rotation is not affected by the zip-tie placement.


If the wheel rotation is blocked by the zip ties, you may need to use the twist-tie attachment method below.

Attaching with twist ties #

Use twist ties if the wheel rotation is blocked by zip-ties. Place three twist-ties at various locations through the holes of the WalkWise device so that both ends extend out the back. Align the ties with the location of spokes on the wheel. Place WalkWise on the walker wheel and pull the tie ends around to the back, making sure each one wraps around a wheel spoke. Adjust the location as needed. Pull the ties tightly and twist them together around the spoke. Fold the remaining wire into the wheel to ensure free rotation.

Attaching with dual-lock strips #

Use dual-lock strips on walkers that have solid wheels. To attach, remove the film covering and adhere three strips to the back of the device. Remove the remaining film and press on the walker wheel. The device is now firmly in place but can be removed with sufficient force to un-snap the dual lock material.

Attaching the WalkWise Mini Device #

The WalkWise Mini device is used for those individual mobility aids that are not compatible with the standard circular device. Your WalkWise Mini will come with a Velcro strap already attached to the device for your convenience. To secure the device to any mobility aid, wrap the Velcro strap around one or two wheel spokes. The numbered label of the device should be facing outwards or inwards. The device should not be facing up or down. Bring the strap back through the plastic clasp and secure the strap to itself using the Velcro end. Ensure the location and orientation of the device and strap do not interfere with the wheel motion.