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Account Settings

Account Settings can be accessed at the top of the Menu. The username, email address, and phone number for the logged-in account are displayed at the top of this page.

Change distance unit #

Choose to view data in either feet or meters. All distances in the WalkWise system are stored in meters, but can be converted to feet by adjusting this setting.

Add phone number #

To add a cell phone number to your account, enter the 9-digit number and click Send Code.  A text message with a confirmation code will be sent to that number.  Enter the confirmation code and click Confirm. This is the phone number that will receive SMS text messages and phone call notifications.

Change password #

Enter a new password, which must contain three of the following: lower case letter, uppercase letter, number, or symbol and be 8-14 characters long. Enter the same password in the second confirmation box, and click Confirm to change the password.