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5 Tips to Prevent Falls

5 Tips to Prevent Falls September 25, 2020 This week is “Falls Prevention Awareness Week.” Though we believe that fall prevention must be practiced every

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Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver Support Groups June 7, 2019 WalkWise was built to help seniors remain active and independent. We continually talk about how your loved one is

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Intergenerational Daycare Q&A

Intergenerational Daycare Q&A May 12, 2020 Innovation within the senior care industry can come in all forms. Sometimes we see it in technology, medical advancements,

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The Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation March 30, 2020 [Advertorial] WalkWise loves seniors. At WalkWise we love our seniors and often talk at length about the older adults

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7 Tips To Age In Place

7 Tips to Age in Place January 30, 2020 [Advertorial] Aging in place — a term that generally means staying in one’s home or position

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