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LIFE Geisinger wins WalkWise Program of the Year Award

WalkWise is excited to announce that LIFE Geisinger has won the WalkWise Program of the Year Award, which was announced at the 2023 National PACE Association Annual Conference in Miami Beach. This achievement highlights their commitment to leveraging technology to improve the well-being of seniors, which aligns perfectly with this award’s core values and objectives.
A dedication to innovation and technological advancements has marked our partnership with LIFE Geisinger. They have successfully integrated digital solutions into our care workflows, allowing for remote monitoring and better health outcomes. The impact of adopting new technology can be seen in the remarkable stories of seniors whose lives we’ve positively transformed.
Their open communication and adaptation to changing circumstances have been crucial to the success of this partnership. We are proud to have set a standard for excellence and innovation, and this award celebrates the power of collaboration to drive meaningful change.
We want to extend our congratulations to the entire team at LIFE Geisinger, whose hard work and dedication have been crucial to the ongoing success of this program. Together, we are committed to improving the lives of seniors and making a lasting impact.

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