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WalkWise raises $1.2 million to advance the commercialization of their patented smart mobility aid attachments for senior care

[Fargo, ND] – WalkWise, a leading provider of innovative remote monitoring solutions for older adults, is delighted to announce the closing of its $1.2 million funding round. The investment will play a vital role in supporting WalkWise’s sales and marketing expansion, fortifying the supply chain, and advancing the technology behind its smart mobility aid attachments and analytics system. These developments will enable more healthcare providers to make informed decisions regarding patient care, reducing high-cost episodes and preserving independence.

“When our customers started seeing 30%-40% reductions in fall rates and were telling us about how they used WalkWise data to detect infections and injuries among their patients, we knew we had an obligation to spread the word,” said Peter Chamberlain, Founder & CEO of WalkWise.

This funding round was led by gener8tor’s 1889 Fund with participation from Groove Capital, Big Stone Capital, 701 Angel Fund, the North Dakota Development Fund, and a group of successful local entrepreneurs. This marks the first investment for gener8tor’s 1889 Fund, which is focused on North Dakota’s startup ecosystem. These investors recognize the potential of WalkWise to revolutionize the care provided to older adults, and with this financial support, WalkWise aims to accelerate its market presence, drive growth, and continue innovating for the benefit of seniors and their care providers.

WalkWise has developed a patented IoT device that can be affixed to existing mobility aids (walkers, wheelchairs, and canes), empowering healthcare providers with valuable real-time data on the well-being and risk profile of patients who use mobility aids. The solution combines advanced low-power connectivity, new cellular IoT technology, and sophisticated analytics, enabling healthcare professionals to make timely interventions, improve mobility aid compliance to prevent falls, and promote the independence and well-being of seniors. WalkWise is currently being used by healthcare organizations in 15 states, including some of the largest names in the industry.

“We are thrilled to have the support of these partners in advancing our vision of becoming the ‘standard of care’ for all senior-care organizations,” said Chamberlain. “Our customers have seen first-hand how the data can be used to save lives, improve care quality, and reduce healthcare spending, and now it’s our job to drive adoption of this solution.”

For media inquiries, please contact:
Peter Chamberlain
Founder & CEO

About WalkWise:
WalkWise is an innovative provider of remote monitoring solutions for older adults who use mobility aids. By leveraging advanced low-power connectivity, new cellular IoT technology, and sophisticated analytics, WalkWise empowers healthcare providers with real-time data to make informed decisions, prevent high-cost episodes, and preserve the independence of seniors. The company is committed to creating solutions for senior-care organizations that are simple, yet actionable. For more information, please visit www.walkwise.com.

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