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Fall Prevention Tips

September is Fall Prevention Awareness Month. The goal of this initiative is to increase awareness of falls and injury prevention. The danger of falling is a concern for not only those at risk but also for their families. What can you do for those in your life who are at an increased fall risk?

Head to the Clinic!

  • An eye exam. Vision impairment can contribute to imbalance or tripping.
  • Have their medical provider do a medication review. Some medications cause dizziness or sleepiness that contribute to falls.
  • A hearing exam. Inner ear issues can cause dizziness and imbalance.
  • Regular blood pressure checks. Changes in blood pressure can cause unsteadiness or lightheadedness.

Make Your Home Safe!

  • Be sure that the rugs at home are non-slip and not a tripping hazard.
  • Take all unused medications to the local pharmacy for disposal. Taking the wrong medication can cause drowsiness, blood pressure fluctuation or dizziness leading to falls.
  • Nightlights can help those who need to get up in the night maneuver around safely.
  • Nonskid shower pad and bathmats help prevent slipping in the bathroom.
  • Clean those glasses! Glasses wipes and sprays will help keep glasses clean and shiny.

Safe Shoes!

  • Replace those slippers. Good fitting, supportive slippers or indoor shoes are a must.
  • Be sure their winter boots have good traction and fit well.

Use Your Mobility Aid!

  • Be sure to always use your walker, wheelchair, or cane. It is there to keep you safe and prevent falls.
  • Each mobility aid is prescribed for your specific size and ability. A borrowed device from a friend or family member may not be the best fit.

Falls unfortunately happen, no matter what age. Working together, we can make an impact on older adults using services and interventions to decrease their fall risk.

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