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WalkWise helps care providers efficiently coordinate services

PACE (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) desires to provide high-quality care in the community to older people with chronic needs. Like many senior living environments, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted and complicated many routine tasks of the care provider. As time constraints complicate the daily workflow of therapists and nurses, WalkWise helps them efficiently coordinate services in the following key areas:

Participant activity data at-a-glance

Continuing last week’s theme of “eyes on” capabilities, participant activity data is easily accessible on our web app. For those in the field, the mobile app (smart phone or tablet) is an important tool to gain insight prior to participant visits. Equally important for many care providers is the ability to share this information with the participant in real-time as a way to encourage walker compliance and address large gaps in activity.

Our team’s use of WalkWise spans the continuum of care needs. We’re able to be preventative by keeping track of activity levels and encouraging increased activity when appropriate, but we can also detect changes in the data from day to day that helps us prevent emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Executive Director, Northland PACE

Simple prioritization

We are all aware of the adage there are only so many hours in a day, and PACE care providers know this better than anyone. WalkWise provides a unique way to gain insight into those participants that require acute attention via our intuitive notification system. The dashboard can also sort participants by their last walker motion or how active they were the previous night.

Efficiently coordinate services

With WalkWise working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, programs can better deploy services and interventions when and where they are needed, ultimately saving time and money.

According to the National Pace Association’s vision, the PACE Model of Care is recognized among consumers, health care providers, and government leaders as the most innovative, accessible, valuable, and effective model of care promoting the highest level of independence for individuals with significant health care needs. The PACE care provider is central to a program’s success, and WalkWise helps them efficiently serve participants.

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