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The Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation

March 30, 2020


WalkWise loves seniors.

At WalkWise we love our seniors and often talk at length about the older adults who inspired our product, use our product, and help us do our job to the best of our ability.

Seniors have acquired knowledge that span decades and even centuries. Their experiences of failing, succeeding, and ultimately learning, help us gauge if our decisions in the present are wise (Get it? WalkWISE?).

But they’re not the only generation we think about.

Enter — The Sandwich Generation.

Until now, we have largely forgotten to talk about The Sandwich Generation. They are the group that is taking care of their aging parents, while also taking care of their (mostly) dependent children.

The sandwich generation is largely responsible for providing WalkWise to walker users. And yes, they are the economic decision-makers for many families. 

The Sandwich Generation Are Superhumans. ​

Between the ages of 40 and 59 (the average ages of the sandwich generation) you become superhuman. Unless you’ve been in the situation of raising a family, taking care of a parent, paying bills, going to work, cooking and cleaning, and largely being in charge of the family pet — you don’t understand what they’re going through. Being responsible for others with vastly different needs, spanning different generations, is extremely difficult. Do they have a time machine? An extra set of arms?  A money tree? No! They’re just downright superhuman. The sandwich generation selflessly takes care of others, worries less about their own needs, and always (mostly) keeps a smile on their faces.

Now that you know the attributes of the sandwich generation, you’re probably thinking “That’s my mom,” “That’s my uncle,” or “That’s ME!.”

Surely you must be saying, “That’s a ton of work, I wish more people would create products to help them out…”

Introducing — WalkWise. ​​

But, how does WalkWise help? We don’t want to bore you with the fact that we provide the only smart walker attachment on the market, or that we help prevent falls.

We just want you to know that WalkWise isn’t only for seniors— it’s also created for the sandwich generation. We send alerts if your loved one’s walker tips over, doesn’t move, or even moves too much at night (excessive bathroom use is one of the best ways to screen for a urinary tract infection).

We have a mobile app to track activity. Knowing they’re up and moving throughout the day is certainly a sigh of relief.

So, if you are part of the sandwich generation, or you know someone that is part of the sandwich generation, give yourself (or them) a high five!

Then, check out WalkWise. We’re here to help!

“Walking is man’s best medicine” – Hippocrates
By Nic Bordwell, Director of Marketing

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